Time doesn’t stop. There is no away around that. But through my lens, I can help you freeze it in individual moments. Moments that can never be had again. Moments that were fleeting as they happened - made into a perfect portrait to treasure - captured forever, preserved as memories. Memories that can be passed down generations from now. Memories that help you remember all of the special moments in your life. I love capturing and preserving your memories in photographic prints.

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Indianapolis Certified Professional Wedding Photographer

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Who is Tim Biddle?

The question I get most asked at interviews is, "tell me about yourself." I am always having to search for my words because I am not sure where to begin or what it is they want to hear. But here is a little about me as a photographer:

I love authenticity. As a portrait artist, I capture not only memories but authentic moments. I love photography and being able to create images that are beautiful, realistic, and authentic.

I love light. Whenever I go to the movies or watch a television show, I look at how the characters are lit, especially if it is a particularly dramatic scene. When it comes to light and lighting portraits, I am always learning and observing, and I bring that experience to my photography.

I love prints. I want people to take pride in who they are and to keep their memories alive by making sure they have physical portraits of themselves and of their families.

I can often be found with a camera in my hand, as photography is my passion. When I am not photographing people, I enjoy listening to classic rock, watching science fiction on Netflix, and playing Words with Friends. I also love bacon and beagles.

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